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findThat Marketplace makes it ultra-simple to snap it, list it, sell it..

FREE local online classifieds marketplace application that allows users to buy from and sell to others within your own community or even find services in your neighborhood.

Tips for selling on findThat Marketplace

If you'd like to attract more prospective buyers, get better offers and sell your items faster, bear the following best practices in mind when creating your listings for Marketplace.

Take your own photos

Avoid using photos of items that you don't own or haven't taken yourself. Most buyers can recognise when an image has been borrowed and repurposed from another website.

Write honest descriptions

Although not required, adding a description to your listing will help you build trust with potential buyers, which can get you more offers and help you sell your item quicker.

Price ads reaistically

When you post a your adverts, Offer a fair, realisic and competitive price this will make it easier to sell your item in less time..